Ass skirt


I can’t say I have a favorite piece from my junior thesis (I love then all!) but this piece is particularly special to me. It is the first time I made a pattern in a building block/puzzle kind of way, each piece building off of the last based on the measurements and contours of the body. It was really challenging at first, I didn’t know what I was doing and I was unable to complete the muslin. I put it aside at the end of fall semester, and revisited it halfway through this semester- I had learned so much more at that point, and was able to fix the pattern and construct the piece with few issues. It hugs those curves exactly the way I imagined!


Thoughts on the project – Tun Tun

I was very reluctant to change my original idea at first and I could not find any one that was compatible or was able to work with my ideas. But then the idea of starting a blog with different sections of arts incorporated into it came along and I was able to re-channel and work my original idea of making music into about music postings. Although it drifted a part from my original idea it wasn’t that bad since it is still in the area of my interest. I was also skeptical about how it is going to work out with our group since we have so many members. But we were able to find time and meet outside of class and was also able to maintain connection through facebook.

Thoughts on the project- Annie

Throughout the presentation, I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know if I could find someone that fits my concept but what is so interesting about this big group is that we figured it out a way to create a new project yet stay within our original concept. And we not only did our own section but when we find something interesting from other categories we post on the blog and share with others. Blogging has been a great tool for this group because at times we cannot meet with each other since everyone has different schedule but when we check out the blog it updates us what’s going on. And we also communicate through Facebook so that’s really helpful as well. We also text each other and update each other on what’s going on.

Blog & E-Commerce Site for working men


Annie’s original concept was to create a blog & e-commerce site targeting towards working men from ages 22~35 based in NYC. The blog will include the latest hit places, events, styles, leisure & etc… Because men could be lazy at times so the e-commerce site was set up in a easier way for them to shop. For example, different attire, events & etc… This idea was hoping that men could really take advantage of this& entertain them while making them look different or better than before. It’s all about being convenient for the men.