Together as a group

Started from individuals, we first had similar ideas but focus in different areas. since the first event, we gather together tried to bring different interest into a complete and concrete project, which we formed the idea of making a magazine. Every week, every   group member post his or her interest based on different categories such as Film, fashion, music ,trend, and so on. The  blog served as a platform for us to gather information and inspiration. In the end, we have tons of posts that related to Art and culture as a big theme.


Thoughts on the project-Liz

I’m into anything that involves fashion, so that’s all it took for me to be happy for the rest of the semester. Fashion writing is a hobby of mine, I intern at an online magazine that does lots of fashion things, so this was right up my alley. We all have crazy lives, but we are all flexible and understanding with each other, which is so very important. Most importantly however we communicated via texts, Facebook, or when we would see each other around- everyone was always in the loop, which is what I believe to be the true secret of success.